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CDI-E100 Series General Purpose VFD

The CDI-E100 series inverter is a general-purpose low-power inverter with optimum control modes including SVC and V F control, stable performance, diversified functions, high cost performance, optimum...

CDI-EM60 Series Mini Type VFD

The CDI-EM60 series inverter is a mini-type low-power single-phase inverter with optimum SVC and V F control

CDI-E102 Series Economical Type VFD

The CDI-E102 series inverter is a classic-type low-power inverter with optimum SVC and V F control, stable performance and simplified functions It reserves the configuration most-frequently used by u...

CDS500 Servo Motor

CDM series motors, which have optimization of electromagnetic scheme, perfect design structure, reduction of alveolar space, equipped with encoders of multiple resolutions, and after series correctio...

CDI-E180 Series High Performance VFD

The CDI-E180 series inverter is a stable and versatile high-performance vector control inverter with optimum control modes such as SVC, V F control and VC, and is widely used in situations with dema...

CDS500 Servo Drive

CDS500 series servo is a new generation of high-performance servo drive system developed by Delixi Using a core CPU of up to 180MHz, a digital current sampling chip, a fully upgraded hardware ...

CDRA-K1 series Soft Starter with Built-in bypass (light load) for fan and water pump

Product introduction: CDRA-K1 soft starter is a new type of starting equipment with advanced level using power electronic technology, microprocessor technology and modern control theory technology

VFD For Synchronous

Permanent magnet synchronous motor inverter is a general-purpose high-performance vector inverter, mainly used to control and adjust the speed and torque of three-phase AC synchronous motor This inve...

CDC1-S Series Basic Type PLC

32-bit high performance CPUCompiled execution mode; scan cycle is 10 times faster than that of the analytic model

CDC1-H Series Motion Control Type PLC

Product features♦32-bit high performance CPU Compiled execution mode; scan cycle is 10 times faster than that

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