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CDI-BR Energy-consumption Brake Unit

Delixi Brake Unit is mainly designed to release the regenerated power during the speed adjustment of the motor through the brake resistor It effectively overcomes the disadvantages of low

Built-in Bypass Type Soft Starter

Delixi built-in bypass soft starter CDRA-K3 series is a motor control equipment that integrates soft start, soft stop and multi-function protection Achieve smooth starting motor without shock during ...

VFD For Solar Water Pump

Product Introduction DELIXI CDI-SPD Series Solar Pump VFD is a special frequency inverter for PV Power AC Pum

VFD For Crane

CDI-CH series crane special frequency converter is a special inverter for crane developed on the basis of CDI-E series inverter

CDRA Device-type/Comprehensive-protection Soft Starter

Introduction The Delixi Soft Starter is a motor control equipment featuring soft start, soft parking, light-loadi

High Voltage Soft Starter

CDMVR-A series medium and high voltage solid-state soft start cabinet is a new high-tech electrical equipment designed based on the third generation digital microprocessor technology and modern power ...

CDH-B Series HMI

more user-friendly; richer in content; bringing better user experience; having more functions; more stable; supporting Android gesture dragging and zooming and special effects (transparent, left-righ...

CDC Motion controller

CDC series motion controller is a new product developed by our company, which can replace PLC and high-precision motion control occasions At present, this product has been widely used in industries s...

VFD All-in-One Type

It has optimized open-loop vector control, V F control, stable performance, and optimized functions It retains the common configuration of users, adopts a rectifier module, 3 inverter modules, an...

Specialized VFD For Vehicle Air-conditioner Compressor

VFC-D series driver is a product specially developed for new energy vehicles, which can be widely used in pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles

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