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VFD For Construction Hoist

CDIG1000 series construction elevator frequency inverter is a new generation of construction elevator electrical integration products developed by DELIXI company, which can directly replace the constr...

CDI-EC10 Series (AC Drives/ Frequency Inverter/ VFD)

It has optimized open-loop vector control, V F control, stable performance, optimized functions, retains the user s common configuration, and uses a combination of one rectifier module and mul...

Multi-functional Expansion Card

E180-IO1 Expansion Card,4-Way digital input (DI7-DI10),1-Way analog input(VF3),2-way Multi-functional open collector output(YO1,YO2) RS-485 communication interface (standard MODBUS-RTU protocol)

E series External Keyboard Dimension and Installation Holes

Accessories for E series

CDC1-M Series Mini Type PLC

Product features♦32-bit high performance CPU Compiled execution mode; scan cycle is 10 times faster than that

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