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CDI-E100 Series General Purpose VFD

The CDI-E100 series inverter is a general-purpose low-power inverter with optimum control modes including SVC and V F control, stable performance, diversified functions, high cost performance, optimum...

CDI-EM60 Series Mini Type VFD

The CDI-EM60 series inverter is a mini-type low-power single-phase inverter with optimum SVC and V F control

CDI-E102 Series Economical Type VFD

The CDI-E102 series inverter is a classic-type low-power inverter with optimum SVC and V F control, stable performance and simplified functions It reserves the configuration most-frequently used by u...

CDI-E180 Series High Performance VFD

The CDI-E180 series inverter is a stable and versatile high-performance vector control inverter with optimum control modes such as SVC, V F control and VC, and is widely used in situations with dema...

CDRA-K1 series Soft Starter with Built-in bypass (light load) for fan and water pump

Product introduction: CDRA-K1 soft starter is a new type of starting equipment with advanced level using power electronic technology, microprocessor technology and modern control theory technology

VFD For Synchronous

Permanent magnet synchronous motor inverter is a general-purpose high-performance vector inverter, mainly used to control and adjust the speed and torque of three-phase AC synchronous motor This inve...

CDI-BR Energy-consumption Brake Unit

Delixi Brake Unit is mainly designed to release the regenerated power during the speed adjustment of the motor through the brake resistor It effectively overcomes the disadvantages of low

Built-in Bypass Type Soft Starter

Delixi built-in bypass soft starter CDRA-K3 series is a motor control equipment that integrates soft start, soft stop and multi-function protection Achieve smooth starting motor without shock during ...

VFD For Solar Water Pump

Product Introduction DELIXI CDI-SPD Series Solar Pump VFD is a special frequency inverter for PV Power AC Pum

VFD For Crane

CDI-CH series crane special frequency converter is a special inverter for crane developed on the basis of CDI-E series inverter

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