CNC Side Hole Drilling Machine

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CNC Side Hole Drilling Machine

    Application Introduction.

CNC Side Hole Drilling Machine is another process of furniture board processing. The board opened by the material opening machine is drilled and milled on the side of the board according to the processing requirements. The traditional six-sided drilling side hole punching equipment has large volume, high cost, complicated process and low efficiency. CNC Side Hole Drilling Machine effectively replaces it.

    Technics Characteristic

Laser detection hole position, high precision
Servo control, high positioning accuracy and high efficiency, the maximum speed is 90m / min
There are many modes, which can be switched according to different processes
With protection functions such as origin, limit and fault
Stable quality, allowing long-term stable operation
    Delixi Application Solution

In this application, the X-axis and Y-axis adopt the CDS500 series servo driver produced by our company, the spindle motor adopts the EM60 series inverter, the system adopts the special controller of the CDC series side hole drilling machine, and the touch screen adopts the Delixi CDH-B070E series to realize the complete set of electrical The system packaging scheme has the characteristics of low cost, high efficiency and convenient maintenance.

    Delixi Advantages
There are no wooden pin hole mode, standard wooden pin hole mode, blind hole mode, slot mode, foot plate isometric mode, bar code mode, etc.
Adopt the special controller of Delixi side hole drilling machine, cooperate with servo driver, realize double closed loop control, high positioning accuracy
Flexible parameter setting, can be set according to the mechanical parameters of different manufacturers
Various protection and monitoring can be viewed on the touch screen to facilitate customers to find problems
Support single spindle code scanning function
Support dual-spindle code scanning function


Wooden board processing, furniture processing and other occasions

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